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The South African Attorneys Association is a voluntary organization of attorneys striving to provide a voice for thousands of attorneys of South Africa in the interests of justice in our communities.

Legal Practice Bill:

Click here  for the text of and develoments on the Legal Practice Bill. Presently the DOCD &J Portfolio Committee is flagging issues on which hard decisions are to be made.

August 16, 2013

Financial Intelligence Centre Info:

demoClick Here to find out more of your duty as an attorney in terms of our anti money laundering legislation.

August 17, 2013

Attorneys on the bench:

demoThe SAAA is dedicated to nominating attorneys to take up position as judges in the various courts of South Africa.  If you have any suggestions for candidates, click here and submit the name of the candidate and a short background.

August 17, 2013


All attorneys please join

You can join by downloading the following form, completing it and submitting it to our administration office by e-mail or faxdemo



Legal Practice Bill

demoClick here  for the text of and develoments on the Legal Practice Bill.

Updated: 16/8/2013


Proposed Uniform Rules

demoThe Law Society of South Africa has finalised the project on unifying the rules of the various provincial regulators. Click Here to download a copy of the imitialy proposed uniform rules.

Updated: 22/11/2016


The South African Attorney welcomes the new members who have just recently joined.  Please use this website as much as possible and feel free to tell us what else would be useful to the attorneys profession.



The Executive Committee is:



Our Constitution provides for all attorneys of South Africa to join.  For more details, click here.


Provincial contacts

EASTERN CAPE: David Geard  dgeard@blclaw.co.za

FREE STATE: David Bekker  david@cn-law.co.za,

GAUTENG: Llewelyn Curlewis  llewelyn@curlewis.co.za,

KWAZULU NATAL: Praveen Sham  sham@shamandmeer.co.za,

LIMPOPO:  Jan Stemmett jan@stemmett.co.za,

MPUMALANGA: Dave Bennett  dave@swanvenn.co.za,

NORTH WEST PROVINCE: Jan van Rensburg janvan@law.co.za,

NORTHERN CAPE: Peter Horn  horn-haarhoffs@icon.co.za,

WESTERN CAPE: Ettienne Barnard ettienne@barnards.co.za

Join us

All attorneys or candidate attorneys: If you are practising in South Africa you should consider joining. You can do so by completing the application form.

Afrikaanse Aansoekvorm:  Sluit gerus aan deur die aansoekvorm te voltooi.


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